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"Please abstain from 'mile-high club' activities until we are airborne."

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'Don't tase me, bro'

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for chrissake play something INTERESTING for a change

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more nonsense please

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not sure I like this challenge
(or my inability to meet it, that is)

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(Thu 11th Nov 2010, 5:32, More)

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» Overheard secrets

My mother the typist
My sister asked Mom to type a recipe for her because she (Sis) was busy doing something else.

Sis: "It's a short recipe and it won't take you long."
Mom: "I would, but I have to leave in just a few minutes."
Sis: "Okay,I guess I'll have time to type it myself"
Mom: "Besides, I'm a hunt-'n'-pecker."

I left, cackling to myself, knowing full well that I could trick Mom into using that expression in front of people who would roar out loud.

I did--she did--and they did--loud and long :)
(Sun 28th Aug 2011, 6:46, More)