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it was a Bentley
'At some point earlier, The Who's bassist, John Entwistle, shared ownership with Moon of a one-off Bentley designed by UK coachbuilders Freestone and Webb which debuted at the 1950 Geneva Motor Show. The two had it fitted out with a Tannoy speaker behind the grille and "deployed it in a series of Pythonesque practical jokes," according to reporter Richard Fleury. "These typically involved cruising through Home Counties villages impersonating the local Tory candidate, warning of imminent invasions by boatloads of refugees. Or they'd pose as police hunting for deadly snakes. The concealed PA gave Moon so much pleasure he installed it in his next purchase, a "vast" two-tone S1 Bentley converted to look like an S2." (note: this S1 was the one with which Moon accidentally killed his chauffeur, and was subsequently sold).'
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Those wacky funsters!

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Where did you sell a dead chauffeur
in the days before ebay?
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something about Jeeves

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