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she could only overdose
in the sense that she'd finally get one after all these years and it would give her a heart attack
(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 14:58, archived)
Unless it was TH.
Then she would cuckold him with a BBC.

(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 15:08, archived)
I'm more comfortable contemplating my own mother geting dick from a well-endowed african
than i am imagining TH's cheesy nubbin.
(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 15:13, archived)
I used to put nubbin on my rugby boots.
Or was that dubbin?
(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 15:17, archived)
Is this a compliment, or....?

(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 15:40, archived)