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This is a question Little Moments of Joy

Freddie Woo says: What has made you smile and made your day better recently? We need cheering up.

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 14:02)
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Two nights ago...
As I switched off the light and we snuggled down under the covers, my husband reached over to gently and lovingly stroke my face.

However, as it was pitch black, he instead gently and lovingly... poked me in the eye.

It didn't hurt, but something in the surreal nature of it all has had me giggling ever since. Somehow he made a poke in the eye a gesture of love.
(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 15:03, closed)
My husband only gave me this black eye BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 15:46, closed)
She walked into a kitchen cupboard door
Besides, she was asking for it.
(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 16:52, closed)
He's been giggling too
'cos that wasn't his finger.
(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 15:49, closed)
This sounds familiar.
Once upon a time I reached over to stroke my partner's cheek lovingly as we lay in bed having just switched off the light, without realising that she had in fact turned from facing me to lying flat on her back, and thus smooshing my hand into her nose.
(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 15:52, closed)
Exactly the same thing happened to me
except I accidentally put my penis in a dog.
(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 16:38, closed)
This is why they'll never make you a mod.

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 17:10, closed)
Gotta use fingers for that.

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 17:34, closed)
Well, replace the word 'accidentally' with the word 'repeatedly' and the word 'dog' with 'child'.

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 17:39, closed)

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 21:15, closed)
If I had a pound.......

(, Fri 24 Jan 2014, 16:30, closed)
My ex once tried to nuzzle my face sexily in the dark and managed to shove his disgusting Amish-style beard into my open mouth.
To this day, the memory of it makes me retch.
(, Sat 25 Jan 2014, 21:04, closed)

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