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This is a question Halloween

‘WoooOOoOOoo’ intones Richard McBeef. ‘WooOOooo’. Halloween is upon us, that time of pre Christian spirit worship, the fear of the unknown and the undead….and plastic skeletons from Asda.

What better time to hear your scariest accounts: when have you been most petrified? Ever had an encounter that you couldn’t rationally explain? Perhaps you yourself are a spooky ghost? Do tell.

(, Mon 26 Oct 2015, 10:55)
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Too scary for the kids on the doorstep
If you want to terrify the trick or treaters at Halloween, wear a rubber devil mask and growl at them.

When they say 'Poo, that's just a mask!' whip it off, to reveal a further horse-head mask underneath.

The horse mask suddenly pops out, giving an effect like when the bloke in Beetlejuice pulls his face out into a beak.

We frightened so many children so severely with that one that we're seriously expecting to be sued.
Even the teenagers were thoroughly rattled.

Mr Quar was half-suffocated but it was worth it.
(, Wed 4 Nov 2015, 19:29, closed)
Gah, now you tell me
I've got one of those rubber horse heads knocking about
(, Thu 5 Nov 2015, 11:12, closed)

It'll keep until next year!
It's a really great trick. Actually scared the adults too!
(, Thu 5 Nov 2015, 15:51, closed)

devil mask pair of pants
Poo, that's just a mask! Mummy, what's the strange man doing?
etc, basically I'm saying that you like to pop your cock out on the doorstep
(, Thu 5 Nov 2015, 20:27, closed)
I don't know if she's got a cock

(, Fri 6 Nov 2015, 10:02, closed)

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