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Freddie Woo tells us how he recently spent ages trying to open his front door with his Oyster Card before realising he actually needed things called "keys". Tell us of times you've done stupid things while on auto-pilot

(, Thu 21 Mar 2013, 12:20)
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This looks on the surface a little more like a "when I was shit faced beyond belief" story which I'm sure have been done in other QOTWs, but it's also an example of being *completely* on autopilot.

I have diabetes and in 15 years there's been a couple times my blood sugar has gone low enough to make me black out a bit, and each time I've discovered some evidence afterwards that I go into a kind of unconscious routine of 'Eat anything you can see or feel around you, in any order, in any manner. Eat it all." The first time was after spending a long, extremely hot day at work, skipping lunch, and then exercising outside for three hours.

Walking to my car, I started to notice that I was getting wobbly and took a detour to my office where I could get some sugary food or drink. This is about where my memory of the situation tapers off. I didn't actually pass out, but I must have been gone enough to climb the three flights of stairs to my office on total autopilot and get to the department refrigerator only to find that I actually didn't have any of my own food in there.

My memory starts up again about ten minutes later, when some friends found their way up to the department to check on me. I was crouching in the corner by the refrigerator with the door open, assorted items on the floor, calmly drinking someone else's lemon soda out of a makeshift cup. The cup was a half empty peanut butter jar belonging to another someone else (apparently half emptied by me, using my hand as a spoon).
(, Sat 23 Mar 2013, 6:06, closed)
Jessie's stepdad lived with us for a while, he's diabetic.
When he forgot to take his insulin he'd go into a really weird state, like a cross between being stoned off his tits and being a petulant little boy.
"Take your insulin, Pete"
"NO! You can't make me!" etc

Most odd.

Oh look, I've mentioned her again...
(, Sat 23 Mar 2013, 13:05, closed)

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