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# was an accident and I lost my post
can you replace yours?
(, Tue 13 Feb, 20:10, Reply)
# don't be daft
I'm just being silly it was far from hilarious
(, Tue 13 Feb, 20:18, Reply)
# I was apologizing for losing your file
(I knew better than to presume it was funny LOL)
(, Tue 13 Feb, 20:36, Reply)
# It's still here
(, Tue 13 Feb, 20:43, Reply)
# Oh, I enjoyed that one, but my accident couldn't have affected it.
wrong thread for that. But you were PROBABLY wanking about my posts pushing yours into the archives, which I've been most happy to do :)
(, Tue 13 Feb, 21:00, Reply)
probably definitely
(, Tue 13 Feb, 21:57, Reply)